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Simulating the Medical Office - Student Handbook/Workbook

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Simulating the Medical Office - Student Handbook/Workbook Overview

Simulating the Medical Office is a generic, step-by-step, open entry/open exit simulation program that emphasizes a learn-by-doing approach to training. Students learn the skills necessary to manage a medical front office by performing activities that simulate office duties. The modular format makes it possible for students to start instruction at the beginning of the course or in the middle. After completing the course, students will have transferable skills they can apply to any software program. Computer Requirements 486/33 or higher processor with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or 2000, or NT operating system; 8 MB RAM (16 recommended); One 3-1/2-inch high-density disk drive or a CD-ROM drive; 4 MB free hard disk space; monitor capable of 480 x 640 pixels (for optimal operation); printer.

Simulating the Medical Office - Student Handbook/Workbook Table Of Content

Module 1: Record Management Module-Efficiently enter and edit non-medical patient information. Module 2: Correspondence Module-Meet the correspondence needs of the medical office. Module 3: Appointments Module-Make appointments scheduling faster and easier. Module 4: Business Checking Module-Write checks, make deposits, enter them into the computer, and balance the account. Module 5: Purchase Order Module-Complete an on-screen blank purchase order, while the software calculates the extension and totals. Module 6: Patient Billing Module-Post records and calculate charges using Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. Module 7: Insurance Claims Module-Prepare medical insurance forms efficiently.

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Simulating the Medical Office - Student Handbook/Workbook

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